Welcome World!

Hello world & welcome to my Passport to Change blog 🙂

In early 2014, I embraced John Burroughs’ philosophy of “leap and the net will appear.” I’ve spent the first part of my life living the middle-class rat race; working, paying, playing. Living the life of all that was promised from our previous century. But times have changed. The pot at the end of the rainbow looks much different today … for those of us who are thinking of retirement through to our highly educated youth facing a much harsher reality than the picture painted in university. Something in our society has to change. And I had to change the reality of the second part of my life.

CanopyPhoto Credit: M.Charbonneau

I was living in a very affluent section of Southern Ontario Canada. Just west of Toronto, the downtown sprawl had crept into this sleeper community city of Burlington; causing traffic headaches, expensive taxes & ridiculous housing prices. So I sold my condo, packed everything in storage and planned 3-months of travel covering 9 countries in South-East Asia and Europe. The only thing I miss now is my morning lake view!

Lake Ontario Sunrise

There are many ways people choose to create change in their lives. For me, travel has always been the most amazing path of growth. I love being immersed in different cultures, trying to figure out the music of a new language, and tasting new foods. Whether traveling for work or pleasure, I’ve always returned “home” with a completely different perspective on our lives here in the Western world. We have so much, but what we really need is so little – food, shelter, music, warmth and the love of our family and friends, along with a strong sense of community so all survive together. Life should be lived through the simple joys.

So off I go … I hope you enjoy this travel transformation journey together with me!

Abbey 2Namaste

– “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi


Main Photo Credit: Malavika Talukder

8 thoughts on “Welcome World!

  1. Fellow Guardian Warrior Goddess,
    Your wonderful energy will linger here in the house with Aoife doggie and I… but I will hear and feel your energy through you’re written words as you transform life with you’re passport to change.
    I will anticipate reading all of the blog entries ..gazing at your wonderful photo’s , but most of all sharing in your joy of adventure and travel.
    I love you my sister…get back out there and bless the world , one person , and one experience at a time.


  2. Abbey, you’ve always been an inspiration. Here you go again. Love you lots. I’m looking forward to following your newest adventure.


  3. Hi Abbey…looks like you are having a great time…your mom keeps up-dated on all of your travels…glad you are able to experience the world through it’s people with their foods and cultures…what great memories you are creating…we wish you all the best in your adventure…hope to catch with you when you return home….Carla & Mike


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