On the Blade Runner set in Hanoi, Vietnam

We flew from Da Nang airport to Hanoi in order to take the overnight sleeper train to SaPa, Vietnam. We arrived at the rest stop for the Fanxipan Express train service we had purchased. This company, Fanxipan Restop (http://fanxipantrain.com/index.php), provides a really helpful set of services, including assistance booking your train tickets, right through to providing a respite in Hanoi for dining, drinks, free wifi … even a room to shower and/or rest your head if you’re so inclined.  P1020660P1020699

All photo credits: A.L.Wiltse unless otherwise noted

Because we had some time to pass before our evening train, we took a wander through Hanoi. I felt like I was in the Blade Runner film … rainy, gloomy, motor bikes and mopeds everywhere, insane traffic – the only thing missing was the above-ground traffic lanes for the flying cars (lol!) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blade_Runner

IMG_2560P1020663 IMG_2570Photo Credits (above): M.Charbonneau

The best part of being in a large city in Vietnam is attempting to cross the street 🙂 It takes me back to my youth to an old-school, vintage arcade game called “Frogger”. This game had you trying to get a frog across multiple lanes of traffic and a river full of logs and other things that could eat you, to hopefully land safely on the other side. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frogger) Same, same feeling trying to cross the street in Hanoi! Just remember … commit & you’ll get across – no one really wants to hit you 🙂

P1020690But even in all this big city craziness there were moments of quiet beauty to be found. Namaste! P1020665P1020683P1020676 P1020667P1020687P1020684P1020682 

3 thoughts on “On the Blade Runner set in Hanoi, Vietnam

  1. glad to see you are still alive and kicking. hope its been a fun experience for you. Its going to be a warm weekend here. Its now safe to return….


  2. I was wondering what you think of crossing the streets in Vietnam. It does take getting use to.
    It’s what I call” organized chaos”! It’s amazing how the cars , moped, bikes, street cleaning,walkers, can “zip around you.”

    I envisioned it like “Moses parting the Red Sea. “As soon as you step out into the street everyone parts around you. You become part of the street….. I spent hours just watching everyone navigate…..a feet that could not be done in the western world. (could you imagine)?? Next time you cross just think of yourself as Moses parting the sea and it will be a piece of cake.

    I can see how , after being in some of the rural parts of the country it would seem overwhelming being in a chaotic city…..but full of charm! If you can try to from large cities then out to rural. I loved Vietnam one of favourite places…..it great seeing your pics….takes me back.

    If you can try to see if you can order their traditional fish dishes, I can’t remember the name. If you ask they will know what you are talking about. One the best meals I have had in my life.

    Looking forward to trading more stories!


    1. So true my dear … I love your Moses analogy 🙂 The food here was so good … so perfect that we live close to a city where we can get great fresh Vietnamese or Thai food anytime we want 🙂


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